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Investing in Dubai


It includes luxury hotels, residential villas, apartments, townhouses and office lofts all along the waterfront, brought together by the promenade. The overall master plan of Dubai Festival Hall unites 15 planned community zones.

Luxurious Lodgings:

For those more attracted to luxurious lodgings and surrounding the artificial archipelago Palm Islands offers only luxurious apartments and hotels over its three Islands.

Business Bay may be a bet. Currently under construction, it will become the business headquarter but will also include a residential center. Here prices are definitely more accessible, and could be the perfect deal for the years to come. But what are some advice to securely invest in real estate in Dubai?


There are a few rules to keep in mind and not to underestimate when considering investing in Dubai: being established in the territory is essential, to have stable business partnership will secure good deals, find a good and trusted local contractor will guarantee you success; be attentive to cultural differences, it can take long to close the deal, but even after a year of negotiations chances are high, so no rush!

patience becomes crucial; invest on quality and not quantity as the Emirates’ market is very competitive and all the best in the world gets attracted here. Only cutting-edge building techniques and technologies will make it.

A last note, a good percentage of investors are now composed by women, so female investors are encouraged and they will certainly contribute to Dubai’s new contemporary look.

Daria Ricchi

Daria Ricchi is an architectural historian and writer. She is currently visiting fellow at Oxford University, UK.
She has a Ph.D. in history and theory of architecture from Princeton University. She has taught at Princeton University, Yale University, and Parson. The New School, New York.
She published widely in scholarly and non-scholarly magazines (area, casamica- il corriere della sera, Low-Res, Pidgin, Threshold, AA Files).

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